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Birdwatching trip can be organise as per individual, group's desire. Campsite is surrounded by deciduous forest, hills, cultivation and wetland areas. Various ecosystems are habitat of colourful and interesting birdlife


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Travel Style
Welcome to the land of diversity "India", Incredible India, Glorious India. India has always been an interesting destination to various types of trips and is always catching the mind of travelers. Keeping these points, In view we have tried to minimize the potentially negative social and environmental impacts of tourism, (Nature Trail Tours India Pvt. Ltd.), other grass root level tour operators and we offer small group of birder that respect local people, cultures as well as ecology of mother nature. To make trip adventurous and exciting, We have been using local resources such transportation, hotels, local guides. This prospect of traveling ensures the economic benefit which goes directly to local businesses and communities and allows interaction with local people to understand their culture.

Group Size
We have always tried to save the mother nature and its ecology for our future generation, so that our future generation can feel the mother nature like us. So to keep the ecosystem in balance and to reduce the negative effects of society, we have been organising the majority of our tours with small group or participants. It is most beneficial to individual; that they can observe quietly and without other interference. As per our experience and written in books too that "WILDLIFE BY CHANCE". we should not miss our chance.

Transportation such as public buses, trains, bicycles, dugout canoes, ferries and hiking like its other wing so that our guest can feel the thrilling excitement of face-to-face interaction with local people reducing the over conservation of natural resources of ecosystem.

Accomodation is the most important part of travel, hence we offer small hotels, locally owned and family operated establishments, in mean time we do take care of sanitation also. Not only the hotels, We also try to incorporate community and family home stays wherever possible.

Local Guides & Operators
To explore the surrounding forest and birdwatching local guides will help our guests, so they can explore all the corners of desired destinations. Working with local guides and operator provides the benefits directly to local people. it promotes local eco-tourism.

As other important feature of travel and tourism, Food is the most important part. Hence in order to reduce the pollution and over consumption of the natural resources, Tour leaded would suggest you different local markets, taking view of hygiene. In this way, one can support the local communities and economy as well as enjoy the local dishes