12 Credits / Thanks

My Respected Parents,

My loving wife Ulupi Patel, daughter Shubhangi, son Arya and family members

My Inspirer : My Grand uncle Late Dr. H. V. Rathod, Late Mihir Dave, Advocate Mehul Rathod,
Dr. Navin Shah( Navin dada), M K Shri Lavkumar Khacher, Shri Lalshih Raol(Lalsinh dada).

My Pathfinders : Shri Uday Vora, Mr. Snehal Patel, Dr. Bakul Trivedi, Shri Chandrakantbhai Upadhayay, Late Dr. R. N. Mehta, Late Dr. Niranjan Trivedi, Ms. Rafiqua Sultana, Dr. P. S. Thakkar, Shri R. S. Pathan

My Team : Mr. Dipak Gohil, Ms. Kena Patel, Mr. Harin Desai, Mrs. Ekta Desai(Shah), Mr. Joginder,
Ms. Hemali Raval, Ms. Niti Bhatt, Late friend Nikunj Rahevar, Mr. Nirav Patel, Mr. Bipin Nagarchi,
Mr. Rajan Boradia, Ms. Shubhangi Rathod and Ulupi Patel(Rathod)

Photo Credits : Mr. Bharat Rughani, Mr. Saurabh Desai, Dr. Balar, Mr. Bipin Nagarchi,
Mr. Aditya Roy, Ms. Lissa Chazot, Mr. Sachin Rai, Mr. Umang Dutt, Mr. Arpit Deomurari etc. etc.

I am very grateful to all my friends who gave great support to build my career.

I got ascending support from many friends from the Forest Department (Gujarat State) & Govt.

Special thanks to : Dr. Manoj Kulshrestha (Wildbrook), Ms Chaula Patel, Mrs. Shyama Shodhan,
Dr. Girish Jathar, Mr. Maitrai Rajpriya ( Dhinglighar), Mr. Haresh and Janak Nayak and Mr. Sandip Patel ( N.B. Link Co.) , WWF India and all bird lover friends, known and unknown individuals, group, or/ company whose pictures, illustration, clipart are used to create and develop this site.

I am glad to say that many friends from social network like Myspace, Facebook, Tagged, Orkut, twitter, blogs, WAYN, Likedin, hi5 etc. also gave comments and guidence.

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