Places Around for your Taste


There are many interesting places to visit as per your different taste or choices

Heritage, Archeological, Anthropological, Wildlife Sanctuary, Religious etc.

Birdwatching : Jambughoda Sanctuary, Hills and Undulating Plains, Cultivation Farms, Reservoirs, Canals, etc

Heritage : Champaner village

Historical : Dabhoi Gate, Fort

Archeological : Champaner Fort(ruin), Pavagadh, Jain Derasar, Shiva temple(ruins) of Desar village, Jama Masjid(mosque)

Anthropological : Tribal villages

Wildlife Sanctuary: Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary

Religious : Pavagadh, Jand Hanuman, Jain Temples(Derasars) etc

Water sports : Dev Dam

Water Fall : Hathni Fall

Boating : Ajawa Garden

Musical Fountain : Ajawa Garden

we organise various tailormade visit as per your requirements and programme.

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