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IOC names of Birds of India Changes from nomenclature followed in "An Annotated Checklist of the Birds of the Oriental Region"
~ presented by Birds of India
Compiled by Sumit K Sen.

Endemic Bird life of India is compiled by Dr. Girish Jathar and Dr. Asad Rahmani. The list below has been compiled essentially from information presented by Gill, F., Wright, M. & Donsker, D. as available at WORLDBIRDNAMES.ORG  (see references 1 & 2 below). Birdwatchers in India generally use Grimmett & Inskipp's 'Birds of the Indian Subcontinent' (Ref 3 below) and are familiar with the Common Names and sequence used in that book. This book primarily follows the taxonomy and nomenclature laid out in Inskipp, Tim; Lindsey, Nigel & Duckworth, William's 'An Annotated Checklist of the Birds of the Oriental Region'. This list has been prepared for those who are familiar with the taxonomy and nomenclature followed in the 'An Annotated Checklist of the Birds of the Oriental Region' - a system still followed by the Oriental Bird Club (OBC). The list additionally recognizes the work done by Rasmussen, P. C. & Anderton J.C. (2005) in 'Birds of South Asia: The Ripley Guide' (Ref 5 below) as indeed does the source material from Worldbirds.org. Many of the splits proposed by Rasmussen and Anderton have not yet received wide acceptance and some may eventually not be widely accepted. One way to deal with this issue was to ignore the work done by Rasmussen and Anderton. That would have been incorrect and would have deprived many readers of the opportunity to decide for themselves. We have therefore decided to include the Rasmussen splits as they affect our birds but chosen to stick with names proposed by the IOC where they differ from Rasmussen and Anderton.
Recommended citation:
This is a derived work and can be freely used citing: 1) Sumit K Sen (2008). IOC Names of Birds of India.
Available at: http://www.kolkatabirds.com and 2) Gill, F., Wright, M. & Donsker, D. (2008). IOC World Bird Names (version 1.6).
Available at http://www.worldbirdnames.org

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