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Ornithology(more about Ornithology)
Like other basic sciences zoology is subdivided into various specialized fields. Some fields focus on particular animal groups, such as ichthyology (the study of fishes), ornithology (the study of birds), and entomology (the study of insects). Others examine certain aspects of how animals are structured, how they function, or how they are related to one another. These fields include genetics, anatomy, ecology, behavior, and many others. Evolutionary biology focuses on the determination of animal origins and relationships and thus encompasses all of the fields of zoology. The study of birds including living and fossil forms.

In Greek language ornis for "bird.". Professional ornithologists specialize in fields of pure science such as bird, evolution, ecology, anatomy, and behavior or in applied fields such as wildlife management and avian veterinary medicine, and they have a number of societies that publish journals and hold annual meetings in various part of the world. The American Ornithologists' Union was founded in 1883, and the first session of the International Ornithological Congress was held the following year.

In India Ornithology was studied by Britishers, previously by few Kings of various dynesties of Indian "States"(Kingdom). Well known 'Falconry' is still in practice by 'Bhavnagar State'(now Bhavnagar District) of Gujarat.

Bird Conservators Society of Gujarat is formed by Bird Experts, Ornithologist and Amateur bird watchers to learn and share experiences about bird and bird conservation.

or-ni-tho-log-i-cal (or|ni o laji kl)
adj. --or|ni-tho-logi-cal-ly
adv. --or|ni-tholo-gist n.
(or|n al je) n.
[ModL ornithologia: ORNITHO- & -LOGY] the branch of zoology dealing with birds

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